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these are the ingredients Bruce Foods uses to create industrial products that have keep us on the cutting edge of food technology


Bruce Foods Corporation is a quality producer of Foodservice, Industrial, and Retail Food products. With a core competency in pepper products, Bruce Foods understands that superior peppers are absolutely necessary because consumers and end-users scrutinize the quality of peppers more than any ingredient in their meal.

Freshness, texture, drain-weight, color, and seediness are all heavily monitored at Bruce Foods El Paso manufacturing facility.

Whether it’s traditional foodservice sized cans of peppers, or the state-of-the-art aseptic processing, expect the finest quality from Bruce Foods Peppers. Additional pepper processing is Bruce Foods’ specialty. Fermented peppers, peppers in specialty vinegar, heat-index control, PH control, and special packs and sizes are all available.

Of course, Bruce Foods pepper mash is the highest quality as it is produced in the USA, and we will exceed the quality of pepper mash produced anywhere else in the world. If you are a hot sauce manufacturer, question the quality of the pepper mash you may be importing from overseas.

At retail, Bruce Foods manufactures the Bruce’s Sweet Potato Pancake and Bread Pudding Mix and the Cajun King brands. Bruce Foods knows that consumers have been burned by non-authentic Cajun products, so we want fans of real Cajun food to have a source they can trust for Sweet Potato Pancakes, Bread Pudding, and lots of true Cajun dishes like Jambalaya, Etoufee, and Blackened recipes.


At all Bruce Foods manufacturing locations, our Culinary Research & Development centers conduct a wide array of tests to ensure our products are consistent and the quality meets our customers’ expectations. We employ a team of chefs, food technologists and food scientists that work on quality control, recipe formulation, menu ideation, product development, market trends analysis and food preparation.

Our Quality Control departments conduct regular testing and follow strict manufacturing and quality guidelines to ensure that the products conform to the customer’s standards. Some of the tests include monitoring fill weight, color variance, texture and taste. We utilize state of the art instruments like HPLC, Mettler Automated Salt Titration, Brookfield Viscometer, Color Meters and CEM Micro Moisture Meter just to name a few. We monitor current market reports and continuously conduct consumer research to identify new trends in the retail, food service and manufacturing markets. We use this information along with customer’s input in developing new products and improving on existing products. All products are evaluated very stringently for things such as taste, quality, proper market segmentation, and market positioning before it is ever introduced to consumers.

We also do custom formulation. Customers can supply proprietary recipes, held under strict confidence, or we can work with the customer’s R&D and culinary departments to develop a proprietary formulation and packaging in order to achieve the customer’s desired results and standards. Third party auditing is done regularly at all manufacturing locations, and we also follow strict GMA guidelines.


Foodservice professionals increasingly include Bruce Foods’ products in their menu offerings. Our world-famous brands bring authentically original flavors to the table. Explore some of our most widely recognized brands below…

Bruce's Products

Bruce’s food products are the perfect combination of freshness, flavor, and down-home Southern culinary tradition. No pantry is fully stocked without Bruce’s on the shelf somewhere.

Cajun King

Cook Like A Cajun. Eat Like A King!

Cajun King does what no other seafood seasoning can do! We’ve created a new category of user-friendly products with the first full line of seafood seasoning mixes. There are seasonings and there are mixes, but only Cajun King addresses both in our full line. Each foil pack or bottle offers a complete pre-measured and pre-mixed recipe with few additional ingredients required.

Estrellas Mexicana

Estrellas Mexicana is the premium brand of Mexican Peppers for your restaurant. Authentically produced in El Paso, Texas, our customers know our peppers for being fresh, plump, crunchy, and having a high drain weight. We pride ourselves on all- natural ingredients and going from the farm to the can in under 24 hours.

Serving Families and Industry Since 1928

As one of America's largest privately owned food manufacturers, Bruce Foods has been producing quality food products since 1928. Within our brand family, we provide you with products ranging from marinades, seasoning mixes, baking mixes and more. Explore our brand family below and find the perfect product or recipe for your next meal with Bruce Foods.

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