Bruce Food is the Leader in Aseptic Packaging

  •  Bruce Foods is one of the few U.S. manufacturers providing industrial customers with aseptic packaging options
  •  Aseptic packaging is first sterilized, then the product is thermally processed Resulting in a shelf life over two years in many cases
  •  Provides a shelf stable, manufacturing sized product with decreased costs due to elimination of expensive refrigeration or frozen storage
  •  Manufacturers such as Tyson, Con Agra, and Truitt created a high demand for shelf stable food products with no preservatives (such as citric acid or salt). Aseptic packaging provides the perfect solution.

Products Available in Aseptic

• Tomatillos
• Chipotle Puree
• Smooth Cayenne Mash • Jalapeños
• Jalapeño Puree
• Chilies
• Chili Puree