Bruce Foods is contracted as the main supplier of pepper mash to large hot sauce manufacturers for the production of their well-recognized hot sauce brands.

Pepper Mash is produced from a combination of freshly ground peppers and a saltwater brine.
Cayenne, jalapeno, chili, and habanero peppers are popular for mash. Mash is aged for months to years and is the primary ingredient in the production of hot sauce.

Industrial ingredient buyers also like pepper mash as a seasoning and ingredient in many popular retail and foodservice items.
Pepper Mash is usually transported and sold in buckets, drums, totes, tankers and railcars.

The fastest growing international market for Hot Sauce is the Middle East in countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Bruce Foods has recently partnered with numerous hot sauce producers in these markets and has been supplying their pepper mash to use in production of their own hot sauce. As this developing market grows, producers in the Middle East are looking for pepper mash they can trust as the basis for their hot sauce. Bruce Foods pepper mash, being processed in the USA, has great appeal to these manufacturers, and we look forward to helping them grow this nascent hot sauce market.

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