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Learn How Bruce Foods has used 80 years of artisan knowledge and the lateset technology to supply the USA with more of the base of more hot sauces than anyone else in the world

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Pepper Mash as the Heart of the Sauce

Pepper Mash is produced from a combination of freshly ground peppers and a saltwater brine.
Cayenne, jalapeno, chili, and habanero peppers are popular for mash.
‡Mash is aged for months to years and is the primary ingredient in the production of hot sauce.
‡Industrial ingredient buyers also like pepper mash as a seasoning and ingredient in many popular retail and foodservice items.
Pepper Mash is usually transported and sold in buckets, drums, totes, tankers and railcars.

Bruce Foods is contracted as the main supplier of pepper mash to Southeastern Mills for the production of their Louisiana Hot Sauce brand. They are the 3rd largest
producer of retail hot sauce in the U.S. by Volume per Information Resources Inc.

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